The Wordpress SEO Beast Taking A Better Look At This Particular Plug-In

Many individuals have been creating blogs in recent times as a way to earn additional money from affiliate programs or Google Adsense. Of course, if you want your blog to be successful you will need to know how to get the attention of the various search engines. The issue with this is that most people do not know the best way to properly optimize their pages for the search engines. That is the benefit of the "Wordpress SEO Beast", it is a plug in that takes you step by step to make sure your blog page is completely optimized for your keyword.

The initial thing this plug-in is capable of doing is to analyze your H1, H2 and your H3 tags on your web page. This is a little something that most varieties of so called SEO plug ins do not do. Which obviously is the total concept behind this plug-in.

Another thing this plug in can do for you is automatically adjust the actual format of your keywords or keyword phrases to bold, italic and underline. By doing this, the search engines understand specifically what your page is about and can rank your site accordingly. And because this is done for you, you won't be losing your time doing all this manually. This winds up saving you loads of time.

Another thing which is extremely important to the search engines can be your keyword density. This plug in will tell you specifically what your keyword density is so you will no longer be required to try to figure it out. At that time you can merely make a few adjustments to your content to get your keyword density perfect.

Furthermore you will learn just how and where to insert your keywords on your web page. By putting your keywords where they ought to be on your site is also a way to start getting better rankings for those keywords. Also, since the plug in tells you where they should be you will no longer be leaving out keywords which can help you.

The hyperlinks you use in your post are likewise very important and this particular plug in will go over that with you also. This is a method that just about any expert in SEO teaches and also utilizes themselves. This technique is included with this plug in saving you lots of money that you would be forced to pay an expert to learn.

And finally you will receive an over all rating on a 1 to 10 scale that informs you of how well your web page is set up. Needless to say 10 is the best and if you happen to be only scoring an 8, you will also find out what you need to change or modify to acquire that perfect 10 that you'll want.

Of the many SEO plug ins that have hit the market this one provides more features than a lot of them. And the point that they are letting people get this plug in for just $37 dollars truly makes this a no brainer for bloggers. If perhaps you were looking for a wordpress SEO plug in, you already know what an amazing value this is. The best part is that if you are unhappy with the plug-in in any way, you can take advantage of their 60 day money back guarantee.

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